Argan Oil

Ingredient in the RE Royal Beauty Bar range of soaps

Extracted from the kernels of argan tree found primarily in Morocco, argan oil has been used in the region traditionally for treating hair and skin. Argan oil is a rich source of linoleic acid. It is also enriched with omega 3 fatty acids (alpha linolenic acid), antioxidants, Vitamin A and E. Though the Moroccans are known to extract its oil traditionally and use it for various purposes, reportedly, the un-roasted version of the oil is used as a natural remedy to treat skin infections, acne and hair troubles. Its main benefits include:

  1. Skin Moisturising.It is used as a traditional Moroccan remedy for skin infections, rashes and acne, as well as a moisturising agent.
  2. For Stretch Marks.Using it during pregnancy over concerned areas can help fight stretch marks. It is rich in vitamin E which has skin soothing and rejuvenating properties that also increses the suppleness and elasticity of the skin.
  3. Source of Anti-Oxidants.In a research study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Argan oil was found to lower bad LDL cholesterol and have anti-oxidant properties.


Argan oil is considered a luxury product in Morocco and is gradually making a mark in the cosmetic industry across Europe for its nourishing properties. A bottle of it won’t come in easy of course, but its many benefits are certainly meant to be reaped.