Grape Seed

ingredient found in Slimm D Fiber

Grape seed extract is composed of a complex mixture of flavonoids, Vitamin E, linoleic acid, and phenolic procyanidins.These compounds can also be found in the skins and juices of the fruit. The active agents of extract are mostly polyphenols or OPCs (oligomeric procyanidins). Proanthocyanidins and catechins are the potent antioxidants in grape seeds that are believed to be 20 times greater than vitamin E and 50 times greater than vitamin C.

OPCs (Oligomeric Procyanidins) are a class of polyphenols. They are commonly found in grape seeds, berries, and other plants. Polyphenols are the most important nutrients your body needs. Why?

  1. Effective in neutralizing singlet oxygen radicals that contribute to inflammations in your body. They also aid in improving Vitamin C activity, protecting you from bacteria, viruses and other chronic illnesses.
  2. Studies revealed the relatively high concentrations of oligomeric procyanidins (class of flavonoids) in grape seed extract caused the relaxation of arteries, and blood vessels, thereby controlling blood pressure
  3. If you have diabetes, you might find grape seed extract useful. It’s purported to aid in controlling blood sugar levels.
  4. Grape seed extract also improves the health of your skin? It has light, small molecules that are easily absorbed by the skin. topical application of grape seed extract allows it to take effect quickly and efficiently. It also acts as an alpha hydroxy acid (compounds used in skincare preparations due to its exfoliating properties), so it can improve your skin in various ways.
  5. Polyphenols are also known to be excellent binders of collagen fibers, improving the condition of connective tissues, and overall maintaining the elasticity of your skin, joints, arteries, and other connective tissues